About Us

Digitory Solutions Inc. provides unique insurance claim solutions for Public Adjusters, Attorneys, and policyholders, backed by inventory specialists, valuation experts, appraisers and insurance policy professionals with over 50 years of industry insight. Digitory’s technology-driven insurance claim process services are designed to counteract the disadvantages often faced by Public Adjusters during the claim process.

Our On-site services are primarily geared towards the public adjusting market in the New York City metropolitan area and the New York Tri-State area.

Additionally, our unparalleled Remote Inventory Service serves Public Adjusters nationwide, and beyond. 

We offer innovative insurance claim process solutions, coupled with fast web-based value appraisals and industry-leading turnaround, which are unprecedented in today’s market. Working at the intersection of insurance claim documentation and information technology, both On-site and remotely, we help Public Adjusters structure and complete their client’s content claims.

Your satisfaction and success are paramount goals for Digitory Solutions.

“Thomas DiSieno, of Digitory Solutions, Inc., is incomparable in the claims industry as a vocal and tireless advocate for the policyholder. He has gone way beyond being simply an inventory specialist to become well schooled appraiser and umpire. His opinion is valued in the industry and his work product is accurate and lacks bias.”

Leslie Knox, MBA, SPPA
Public Insurance Adjuster/ Umpire
“I have been working with Digitory for the last 15 years. I am of the opinion that when it comes to inventory services, they are the best there is. Mr. DiSieno is a leading authority with regards to the policy’s appraisal provision as well. If you are a PA, store manager, acct, lawyer, and need the services of an inventory company. Look no further, Digitory is the company you want fighting in your corner.”

Eric Gruber
Public Adjuster, Appraiser